5 Tools introduction

5 Tools is a brand new brand under KOKUHIN which provide patented or product that match market's needs.
The image of 5 Tools' brand is a hand with tool fingers.
It repersents 5 Tools provides all the right tools to complete your tasks, all at your finger tips.
On the other hand 5 could means king in our culture. 
As you can see no matter which kind of arrangement, 5 is like a king always be in the middile protected by other numbers.
We will make you feel like being a king, our product will be the solution to fix everything all within your grasp just like other numbers. 
Which also is an encouragement for us to develop more product that match market's needs, it will keep pushing us to be one of the leader who provide the right tools to the market.
We listened to the market and study ending user's feeback to impove or invent the product which allow us set up a system that you can scanning the QR code on our product to see how it's profromence before purchse.
You will see some general introduction for our product on the website shows how did the common problem come form(such as runout, structure...etc.)
Be free to contect us if you got any feeback or idea to share with us.
Let us make your idea product come ture.

Here, enjoy our product introduction video below.

Drill Chuck's structure & Runout:

Quick Release adapter: